Beechwood is a co-educational day and boarding school comprising a Pre-Prep, Preparatory School and Senior School for boys and girls from age 3 – 18, with boarding for girls and boys aged 11 – 18.

In our small classes, teachers stimulate students to excel in what they are good at and build confidence in areas that they find difficult, from the youngest child in the Preparatory School through to our oldest Senior School students.


A Catholic Education

Beechwood is a happy and successful school that helps pupils develop into confident, articulate, compassionate and independent young men and women within a caring and supportive Catholic Christian community. We accept applications from pupils of all faiths who share our ethos and passion for education.

Aspiration – We encourage each pupil to develop their God given gifts and engender a desire for academic excellence and enquiry whatever the academic starting point of the pupil.

Joy – Beechwood is a fun, vibrant, welcoming, and exciting place to learn where pupils develop academically and personally. Many opportunities for personal development exist at all levels within the School.

Pastoral Care – Catholic schools are distinguished by the excellence of their concern for the welfare of their pupils. The love of God transmits itself through our school most consciously in our structures of care and protection, in our support of loving, generous relationships and in our response to need.

Respect – Each person is unique, worthy of respect. Each pupil is made aware of his own dignity and value, which influences personal behaviour and self-regard. We therefore recognise the dignity and worth of others as God’s creation.

Serving Community – We promote tolerance, appreciate difference and celebrate the gifts and achievements of the pupils. They are energetic, positive, and compassionate and have a willingness to be active members of the School community. The pupils value the strength of relationships.

Spirituality – Catholic schools respond to the call to holiness, to an awareness of God’s presence in our lives and the recognition of the spiritual dimension within us. Prayer, reflection, and liturgies throughout the year present opportunities for worship and expressing our gratitude to God.


School Inspection 2018

A team of three inspectors from the ISI spent two days at Beechwood on 31 January and 1 February assessing everything from the health and welfare of students to the quality of the management of the school. This type of inspection is called a Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI). ISI inspectors confirmed that Beechwood meets all of the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2015, and relevant requirements of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage demonstrating the outstanding education offered at Beechwood.

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Mission Statement

  • To be a vibrant, caring school, providing an education rooted in our Catholic Christian faith and in the Sacred Heart tradition where each person is known and loved.
  • To enable all who study here to discover their strengths and make the most of their talents within a nurturing and supportive community.
  • To foster spiritual and personal development and a sense of social responsibility.
  • To create an educational environment that nurtures creativity, encourages flexibility and embraces independence of thought
  • To equip our pupils with the values, skills, and habits of mind that will help shape their future in a wider world.

In order to achieve these overall aims, we have the following specific intentions:

  • To provide for all pupils a curriculum that is broad, balanced, coherent and relevant
  • To assist all pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills which will enable them to lead fulfilling lives at School, at home and at work, through academic and personal development opportunities.
  • To enable all pupils to become confident, independent, self-disciplined adults, able to co-operate with others in a responsible and considerate manner
  • To assist all pupils to appreciate human achievement in all forms: art, drama, literature, music, science, technology and physical pursuits and to encourage participation in these fields as appropriate
  • To enable all pupils to gain a knowledge of and respect for people of other races and nationalities and their beliefs, cultures and ways of life, and to encourage them to live together harmoniously
  • To develop in all pupils a care and concern for others
  • To encourage all pupils to contribute to the life and community of the School through a culture of service and participation in activities and events.
  • To promote in all pupils respect of religious and moral values and in particular those of the Catholic Church