The children at Beechwood are at the heart of everything that we do. Their enthusiasm and passions are nurtured by a dedicated team of teachers who inspire our students to give of their very best both in and outside the classroom, at school and at home.

Our international day and boarding community for boys and girls aged 3-18 is set in 23 acres of beautiful parkland in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells. With 23 subjects at A Level including Photography, Art, Textiles, DT, Drama, Music, Psychology and Business Studies as well as the more traditional subjects we allow students at all levels to play to their strengths and study the subjects that really excite them.

We are always happy to welcome visitors to our school where students conduct guided tours of the facilities and you will have the opportunity to meet either myself or the Head of the Prep School.

I look forward to your visit.

Mr Paul Kershaw, Acting Head Teacher
Beechwood Sacred Heart School

School Inspection 2018

A team of three inspectors from the ISI spent two days at Beechwood on 31 January and 1 February assessing everything from the health and welfare of students to the quality of the management of the school. This type of inspection is called a Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI). ISI inspectors confirmed that Beechwood meets all of the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2015, and relevant requirements of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage demonstrating the outstanding education offered at Beechwood.

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Section 48 Denominational Inspection 2020

A team of inspectors designated by the Education Commission of the Diocese of Southwark spent two days at Beechwood on 10 January and 11 January 2020 to look at the Catholic life of the School.
There is commentary about the ‘tremendous sense of care and community’ in the school. Our ethos is firmly based in delivering this sense of ‘care and community’ to children of all faiths or none, so to receive these comments focussed on the Catholic Life of the School and the impact of our wider school community is extremely encouraging. The report serves to confirm that we meet extremely well one of our key aims: “To enable all pupils to gain a knowledge of and respect for people of other races and nationalities and their beliefs, cultures and ways of life, and to encourage them to live together harmoniously”.

Section 48 Report

Director of Education’s Letter

We have the following key aims and objectives:

  • To provide for all pupils a curriculum that is broad, balanced, coherent and relevant
  • To assist all pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills which will enable them to lead fulfilling lives at School, at home and at work, through academic and personal development opportunities.
  • To enable all pupils to become confident, independent, self-disciplined adults, able to co-operate with others in a responsible and considerate manner
  • To assist all pupils to appreciate human achievement in all forms: art, drama, literature, music, science, technology and physical pursuits and to encourage participation in these fields as appropriate
  • To enable all pupils to gain a knowledge of and respect for people of other races and nationalities and their beliefs, cultures and ways of life, and to encourage them to live together harmoniously
  • To develop in all pupils a care and concern for others
  • To encourage all pupils to contribute to the life and community of the School through a culture of service and participation in activities and events.
  • To promote in all pupils respect of religious and moral values and in particular those of the Catholic Church