Academic Results 2016

Beechwood is a non- selective school and the academic ability profile varies annually. What remains the same each year is that we work hard in our small classes so that every student achieves their potential. We set challenging targets for the students and encourage them to aim high!

An excellent, broad general curriculum is provided and examination results are strong, given the non-selective intake of the school. At Beechwood we are very proud of our academic record and the progress made by all our students. We offer 23 subjects at GCSE and 24 at A-level, and a broad, balanced curriculum in the school for younger students Our leavers go on to study a range of courses at prestigious UK universities.

The majority of students exceed their academic targets resulting in strong value added scores – Beechwood is within the top 5% of all schools when measured on this performance and student achievement exceeds comparative national benchmarks.


A LEVEL 2016

Our top A-level student achieved grades A*, A*, A, A, A moving on to Durham University to study Natural Sciences.

When analysing the performance of the students we take into account prior performance at GCSE. Very able students who have achieved high grades at GCSE will be predicted similar targets at A-level. This year there was a 3% improvement in the overall pass rate and a 7% improvement in A*-C grades when compared with 2015.

Our 2016 leavers went on to study a range of courses at University including: Urban & Regional Planning at Manchester, Mathematics at Reading, Magazine Journalism & Publishing at UA London, Civil Engineering at Bath, History at UEA, Law & Global Governance at Barcelona, Pharmacy at Bath, Natural Sciences at Durham, and Economics & Mathematics at Bristol.

73% of grades were A*-C grades

97% pass rate


GCSE 2016

The 2016 GCSE cohort achieved an excellent set of results, maintaining the percentage of A*/A grades at 39% achieved in 2015. Results were strong across all departments.

At Beechwood, students follow a combination of GCSE and IGCSE courses. We provide a flexible range of choices at GCSE/IGCSE and focus upon the strengths of the students.

39% of grades awarded were at A*/A (national average 20.5%)

84% of the grades were graded A*-C against a national average of 66.9%