In the summer of 2016 13 students and 2 member of staff went on the trip of a lifetime to Cambodia for 3 weeks.

This trip was designed to challenge them physically and emotionally and encourage independence, common sense and self-awareness.

During their stay they got the opportunity to discover the gruesome history of Cambodia and the terrifying reign of Pol Pot  – some of what they learned was not for the fainthearted but it gave them an insight into their hosts and what they had survived.

During the project phase of the trip they worked in the fields planting FAITH gardens which stands for food always in the home. They also dug toilets and installed them. They also had the opportunity of spending a day in 2 schools where they performed ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and helped in some lessons. All were humbled by these experiences as these people survive on almost nothing but welcomed us with dignity and humour.

The final stage of our tour was to Siem Reap – the tourist area in Cambodia where we saw the sun rise over Angkor Wat – a magical experience and explored some of Cambodia’s further history. These ruins were incredible and it was a satisfying end to our time in Cambodia.

This September we launched our next expedition to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in Summer 2018.

Beechwood Exchange Programme

Beechwood is part of the worldwide Sacred Heart Network. We are very fortunate that, through this network of schools, we have been able to establish an international exchange programme. Our programme is designed to enable students in Year 10 to experience another culture and in some cases another language, at first hand.

The exchange programme has expanded in recent years and now includes exchanges with schools in USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Austria. In addition we have also welcomed students from Sacred Heart School in Auckland, New Zealand on a one way exchange. Students in Year 10 have enjoyed the opportunity to sample both school life and living in a family, gaining a great deal from the experience.

The programme involves a two-week, two-way exchange. Our aim is that students from overseas will spend two weeks during the Autumn Term at Beechwood, the Beechwood students exchanging in the Spring Term.

As the students will exchange on a reciprocal basis, living either as part of the family or part of the boarding community, the only costs involved will be air fares or train fares, pocket money and insurance.

Our Exchange Schools


Newton County Day School Boston (girls)

Sacred Heart Greenwich, Connecticut (girls)

The  Academy of The Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau Louisiana, USA (girls)

Stuart Hall High School San Fransisco (boys)


Sacred Heart School of Montreal, Canada (girls)


(For boys and girls studying Spanish)

Sagrado Corazon Ferraz, Madrid

Sagrado Corazon Chamartin, Madrid


(For girls or boys studying German)

Sacred Heart School, Vienna


(For girls or boys studying French)

Sacred Heart School, Nantes


(For girls or boys studying German)

Sacred Heart School, Hamburg